The Concept of an Open Journal


When quarantine first hit, life for me flipped upside down. Prior to that, I was in a really good place in life. It was my last year in grad school, looking forward to everything that was to come, and surrounded by some incredible people. That went away very quickly, it was crazy. All of a sudden, the excitement for the future turned to angst, and all the people that made life so incredible, most of them moved away. Tumultuous stuff!

I am someone who is usually able to process my emotions efficiently. But this was different, this wasn’t a state that I recognized or was able to process. I could tell that it was the same for many of the people in my life, there was an emotional build-up. I was having many deeper conversations, more so than usual, and I was seeing many social media posts, mainly on Instagram following that same theme. I wanted to do the same, express myself, but none of the outlets were for me. I wished there was a place where I could be expressive, where the people in my life, could come and see my thoughts, away from all the noise, where it’s not about the likes.

It is then that I decided to create that space. I thought it would be cool to have a journal, which one could use to be expressive about thoughts and feelings. After, should one choose, have the ability to share in ways that feel intimate. I thought about the concept of an open journal and did a search to see what was out there. I found nothing with the technical chops that were sufficient, so I spent the next months building that out.

I feel there is a need for that. Something intimate. I approach it from the angle that there are so many options for us to see what the people in our lives are up to. There isn’t much that allows us to see what the people in our lives have on their minds. To a certain extent, you can get a sense through social media, but there is no platform that is primarily dedicated to that!

The progress so far:

Since then, I prototyped and launched a minimum viable solution last year on my birthday. On the 23rd of August 2020, I launched Rubiic on the iPhone app store, an open journal app where one can write whatever might be on their mind, in a space that feels closed out.

I have not put a lot of effort into advertising yet. That is the next step. Since launch, I have worked towards incrementally creating value towards the larger vision. The next step is to outline a strategy to communicate the vision and the specifics of that is something that I am strategizing now.

The journey is just beginning, any thoughts on this are welcome :)

Scaling @rubiic - an open journaling app :)